Monday, November 30, 2009

Idaho Here We Come

As most of you know already California is to expensive and is not getting any better. My poor husband has been out of work for almost 2yrs. We just cant make it here any more and have made up our minds to move out of state to Caldwell Idaho around March or sooner If we land work first. We have been doing lots of research and been applying for jobs in Idaho. Things are so much cheaper up there and the cost of living is reasonable and everything is just more afforable. We have been thinking about this move for quite some time now and it will be hard to leave but this is what our family needs right now to survive because we have suffered to long in California. We plan to stay in a rv park in Caldwell for now untill we land work and have been working for at least 6months while saving money to move out to rent a place in mid October. We will all be just fine so please we do not want anyone to worry. We look at it as a fresh start for our New Year.
We Love All Of You But This Is What We Must Do.....